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Types of Pool Floats

  • 1 single shape filled in (Example: Square, heart, rectangle)
  • A word with each letter cut out
  • Connecting elements (a few words connected or shapes and words)
  • Custom-print applied to face
  • Custom-print applied to face with painted edges
  • Face and edges painted a solid color
  • Plain white – no print applied and no paint

Pool Floats for Many Occasions

  • Posh Poolside Parties
  • Palm Spring Poolside Parties
  • Corporate Poolside Parties
  • Rooftop Pool Parties
  • Floating Wedding Monograms
  • Floating Wedding Hashtags
  • Birthday Party Pool Floats
  • Anniversary Party Pool Floats
  • Brand Marketing Poolside Parties
  • Mansion Poolside Parties
  • Celebrity Mansion Poolside Parties
  • Product Launch Poolside Parties
  • and so much more!
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